Izak Boom
pianist, composer, arranger

© Photo by Pauliina May

Until 1998, Aina's pianist and composer Izak Boom combined a career in music with teaching activities. After that he toured the Netherlands with the popular theatre shows of the Rotterdam Berini's and Youp van ‘t Hek.
A musical Jack-of-all-trades, Izak masters a variety of stringed instruments, like the guitar, mandolin and 5 string banjo, as well as the piano. He accompanied artists performing in a host of different genres. Izak is also an active member of his Dutch group Vals Plat and Ibo & de Alibi’s.


Pauliina May

© Photo by Ewoud de Kroon




Singer Pauliina May is Aina's Finnish face. She was raised in a musical environment and refined her skills at the conservatories of Helsinki and Rotterdam. She graduated from Rotterdam Conservatory in 2000.
Through the years, she explored the worlds of jazz, salsa, Argentinean tango and Finnish traditional dance music. Pauliina has performed at international festivals and in jazz clubs with various orchestras and big bands from Finland, Estonia, Romania and the Netherlands.
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Sybren van Doesum



© Photo by Izak Boom



After studying for 3 years to become a civil servant, Sybren van Doesum decided it was time to do something else, and devoted his life to making music.
It was not so surprising as it looks, though. Born in a musical family, he started playing music at eight. After two years of general musical
education, he chose the trumpet to be his instrument of passion.
Now, almost twenty years later Sybren has a lot of different things to play. Besides Aina, he plays Jazz, Latin-jazz, pop, funk, chansons and theatre music. In each genre his own style is clearly recognisable.

Mikko Karjalainen



Bass player Mikko Karjalainen brings along a second Finnish face to Aina. After studying jazz double bass in the Kokkola Conservatory in Finland he came to Netherlands to continue his studies. He graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in May 2005. In Finland Mikko did a few theater projects, a lot of American and Finnish dance music shows and also a project based on the text of Kalevala composed by Markku Suominen and Sakari Kukko. He also performed and recorded briefly with the famous Finnish-Spanish-Senegalese folk music group Piirpauke. In addition to his involvement with Aina, Mikko is busy with a musicology study at the University of Amsterdam. He can be heard at the brand new cd of the Dutch pop group Room Eleven as well as gigging with various jazz groups around the Netherlands.

© Photo by Izak Boom


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