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NEWS 2017 !

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Pauliina May opens the first edition of Winterklanken in Gorinchem!
Friday 29-12-2017
Ijsbaan Grote Markt, showtime: 16:15, Gorinchem, NL
Pauliina May & Other classical acts around the city!

Tickets 25€ from:

Pauliina May Winterklanken

Pauliina May Noche Latina - Latin Night
Cultureel Cafe De Vijfzinnen, De Doelen, Gorinchem, NL
Friday 22-12-2017 20:30

Pauliina May Latin Night

Pauliina May performing together with her father Erkki Pohjanheimo
01-12-2017 at the Finnish-Dutch Expo held in Alkmaar, NL,
celebrating Finland 100 years!!

Pauliina May Erkki Pohjanheimo

20-09-2017 Pauliina May has been signed to teach at the Codarts (Former Rotterdams Conservatorium)/World Music Department Afro-Cuban and Caribbean vocals. She will start as a vocal pedagogue in November 2017.

Pauliina May Vocal Studio will continue working as planned, lessons from Tuesday to Thursday.

Time to start singing! Find your voice, enjoy the music!
New melodies are waiting for you to sing!


in the heart of Gorinchem!


Pauliina May Vocal Studio
& Students of Pauliina May now in Facebook!


* In 2010, three of the students of Pauliina May were among the 40 remaining candidates in the Dutch national Popstars (SBS6).There were over 1000 inscribers.
Teus, Ashley(among 15) and Simone. Simone got to the finals and became second!

Teus Ashley Simone4
Teus Ashley Simone

* In the local RIDOLS -vocal competition 2010, the winner Rob and the third place, (Dennis) were taken by Pauliina's students.

Rob Dennis
Rob Dennis

Call for an appointment
Pauliina May, mobile: 06-28960985

More info

Pauliina May Ceremony Singer


Pauliina May - Ceremony singer

Pauliina May - Tangos, Boleros and Salsa




Some highlights from the past:


Hippiefeest Gorinchem

Sunday 4.7.2010 16.00
Gorcums Hippie Festival

Pauliina May as an invited guest solist of
the Grand Santana Orchest of the guitarist René Ederzeel!

See the entire program

Rene Ederzeel
Rene Ederzeel





Sunday 29.3.2009
Pauliina May, guest solist of Gerardo Rosales, Salsa Mundial (20:15 - 22:45)

Theater de Meervaart, Amsterdam, NL

Listen to the music of the Salsa Mundial CD

pauliina May Wilco Koster openraam

pauliina may openraam gorinchem

OPEnRAam Concert 13.9.2009
Photos by Ro van Doesburg

Sunday 13.9.2009
OPEnRAam-concert (Open windows -concert)
Grote Markt, Gorinchem, NL
Light & spirit of classical music & composers at the market square of Gorinchem.
Pauliina May, vocals
Wilco Koster, piano

This year I have an honor to participate among other great classical artists in this beautiful event, from my own window.
When the spotlight hits my window, naturally it's going to be a moment of Sibelius!
Hope to see you there!

Greetings, Pauliina

Singing Christmas Angel From Finland!

Monday 21.12.2009
Christmas Angel in the gluwine tent of Ijsbaan Gorinchem, NL

Tuesday 29.12.2009

Christmas Angel on Ice!
Gorinchem Grote Markt Ijsbaan
Showtime 13, 14 and 15!

A Real Christmas Angel
from Finland!

She possesses a vocal sound of an Angel.
She looks like an Angel

More info here.

Promo material pdf document.



Pauliina May Evita
Pauliina May steps into the role of Evita

Making of Evita
Hair: Dick van den Bosch
Makeup: Adri van Den Bosh, Annemarie Hollander, Hester Kuipers, Melanie Biemans

Pauliina May was one of the invited vocalists to present Finland in an international project by Stichting Culturele Droomwevers.
There are 26 artists (one from each of the E.U. countries) selected for the newest Dreamweaver project "Dreaming in Europe AB-CD-book"

Pauliina recorded a funny and a challenging piece: "Uusikaupunki", composed by Henry Muldrow. On the recording Pauliina was accompanied by a master pianist Vaughan Schlepp.


Pauliina May was invited by Gerardo Rosales to sing a number at his latest CD: Salsa Mundial.
Pauliina interpretates a Finnish tango, that was dressed up in a new arrangement of son guaracha!
Gerardo Rosales new CD Salsa Mundial out now!
Listen to the track: Rakastan. (lyrics and composition by Veikko Niittynen. Arrangement by Thomas Botcher and Gerardo Rosales.)


Latest musical recordings. Recorded on March, 30th, 2008.

The Sound Of Music - Edelweiss
Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Queen Beatrix, Pauliina May, Izak Boom
Her Majesty Queen Beatrix thanking Pauliina May and Izak Boom for their performance.
Photo © Arie Wapenaar, NL
Queen Beatrix, Pauliina May, Izak Boom
Her Majesty Queen Beatrix received AINA-CD from Pauliina
Photo © Arie Wapenaar, NL

Thursday 13.3.2008
The Geuzen Medal 2008 Award. /Geuzenpenning
Grote Kerk,
Vlaardingen, NL
Pauliina May(voc) & Izak Boom (piano)
Music for poems of Eino Leino(FI)
Compositions of Izak Boom.

Pauliina had the great honor to have been invited to perform at the event. The Geuzen Medal 2008 was awarded to Martti Ahtisaari, former president of Finland. Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands attended the event as well.
And all this happening at the year of 130-jubileum of Finnish poet, Eino Leino. Pauliina sung new music written to Eino Leino's poems by Izak Boom (NL).

Click the pictures for a bigger view.

Pauliina's dress: Handmade design by Erica Schepers, NL
Pauliina's jewellery: Handmade design by Yolanda Verhoeven, NL




Making of Evita
Making of Evita.....Pauliina steps into Evitas role.

2 Concerts!

Friday 18.4.2008 20.00
(a few tickets still available, update 9.4.2008)
Saturday 19.4.2008 20.00

De Nieuwe Doelen, Gorinchem, NL
Pauliina May appears in a "Muzikale Concert"
Pauliina sings highlights of beloved Musicals!
You will hear Pauliina May among other solists interpretating songs such as "Don't Cry for Me Argentina from "Evita" and Sound of Music and Edelweiss from a classic musical "The Soud Of Music".
Concert is a serie of "Revues" organised every ten years by a Football Club UNITAS.
Tickets at Nieuwe Doelen. (¤ 17,5)

Take a step ahead to the concert!
Listen to the preparation of the repertoire, sound of music.
Pauliina May, vocals (Demo-recording 23.8.2007)


AINA in Finland!
Aina has been invited exclusively to play in Suomussalmi Music festival
(Suomussalmen musiikkijuhlat)

Friday 4.7.2008

Ämmänsaari Church (Ämmänsaaren kirkko)

Saturday 5.7.2008
Field Concert in Hiljaisen kansan niitty

Sunday 6.7.2008
Kajaani Church (Kajaanin kirkko)

Pauliina May



Pauliina May in Multiaista Satoa -Festival, FINLAND!

During the festival you can hear Pauliina at least in the following happenings:

Saturday 26.7.2008
Torilla törähtää -tapahtuma. (Multia market place)
Multia, Finland

Saturday 26.7.2008 (20.00-01.00)
Pauliina May
, guest solist
in Lavatanssit , (Finnish countryside dance)
Hallinlava, Multia, Finland

Brother Sister

Friday 29.8.2008
Brother Sister featuring Pauliina May
Brother Sister with guests!
Gino Mion (Italy), drs
Gerardo Rosales (Venezuela), percussion
in Gorinchem Zomerfeest!
(Gorinchem Zomerfestival)
3 x 45min between 21.30-01.00
Busato Podium
Gorinchem center, NL

Saturday 6.9.2008
1st Quartifinal RIDOLS /Jury member
Haarhorst Gorinchem, NL

Saturday 20.9.2008
1st Semifinal RIDOLS /Jury member
Haarhorst Gorinchem, NL

Saturday 27.9.2008
2nd Semifinal RIDOLS /Jury member
Haarhorst Gorinchem, NL

Saturday 11.10.2008
Final RIDOLS /Jury member
De Nieuwe Doelen Gorinchem, NL


Pauliina in Finland 20.10-27.10.2008

Friday 24.10.2008
Homenaje a Septeto!
The pioneers of son in Finland since 1982...
Pauliina May sang with the group between 1992-1996.
Pauliina has been invited to this extraordinary concert among all the other musicians who have been working with Septeto Son.

It will be a remakable evening!
Vuotalo, Helsinki
Tickets 10/7€

Pauliina May

Friday 21.11.2008
Pauliina May Jazz Sextet
Hotel Krasnapolski, Amsterdam, NL.


Pauliina May

Pauliina May in Christmas Wonderland !

Santa girl Pauliina May from the country of the real Father Christmas, FINLAND!

An evening with a glamourous Christmas feel!
Together with her Christmas Wonderland -band.
Pauliina will take you to the Christmas-land with beloved Christmas carrols or make you jump with the modern hip hop arrangements
of the latest Christmas tunes.
All this is happening on a stage decorated just for Christmas.

Read more in Dutch.

Aina Pauliina May 

Saturday 8.12 .2007
Finnish Independence Day Gala
Hotel Stempel, Haarlem
AINA and
Pauliina May and Springtime
Organized by Alankomaat-Suomi yhdistys
Vereniging Nederland-Finland

Only invited guests.

Pauliina May Do Ridols
RIDOLS Finale 2007 Jury:
Pauliina May, Alfred van de Wege (DJ, radio Vestingstad FM)
and singer Do
( Peter Oud, missing from the pic)


Saturday 20.10.2007
Final RIDOLS /Jury member
De Nieuwe Doelen Gorinchem, NL

Saturday 6.10.2007
2nd Semifinal RIDOLS /Jury member
Haarhorst Gorinchem, NL


Ridols Gorinchem

Saturday 29.9.2007
1st Semifinal RIDOLS /Jury member
Haarhorst Gorinchem, NL

Saturday 15.9.2007
II-audition round RIDOLS /Jury member
Muziekschool Giessen, NL

Saturday 8.9.2007

I-audition round RIDOLS /Jury member
Muziekschool Giessen, NL

Pauliina May

Several performances around The Netherlands 2006-2009

Saturday 25.8.2007 with
Soulstar featuring Pauliina May
5 piece band + singers Marcel Duprix & Pauliina May
Soul, Funk & Latin-pop

Harbour Festival (21.00 - 01.00)
Tropical Night, Oude Dorp
Uithoorn, NL

Pauliina May Izak Boom

Latest demo recording of Izak Boom's compositions.
Recorded on Saturday 18.8.2007 in Gorinchem.

comp.Izak Boom
Poem by Eino Leino

Jospa tuttuni tulisi
comp. Izak Boom
Poem from old Finnish Folk Poems

Pauliina May

Sunday 29.7.2007 17.00
Pauliina May, Seminola Orkesterin vierailevana solistina.
Swing Era, alkuperäisiä Dallapé-orkesterin sovituksia!
Työväentalo Multiaista Satoa -Festival
Multia, Finland

Saturday 28.7.2007 (20.00-01.00)
Pauliina May
, guest solist in Multiaista Satoa -Festival
Lavatanssit , (Finnish countryside dance)
Hallinlava, Multia, Finland

Saturday 28.7.2007 10.00-14.00
Torilla törähtää -tapahtuma. (Multia market place)
Esiintyjinä mm. Pauliina May, argentiinalaisesta tangosta Laila Kinnuseen.
Multiaista Satoa -Festival
Multia, Finland

Friday 27.7.2007 22.00
Härkölampi - multitaidetapahtuma Härkölammen rannoilla.
(At the Härkölampi pond, multivisual art, dance, sound, voice, lights...)
Multiaista Satoa -Festival, Multia, Finland

Pauliina May RRBB

Radio Romania Big Band featuring Pauliina May, January, 2007




Pauliina May RRBB
Radio Romania Big Band featuring Pauliina May, February, 2006

Press article by Anca Romeci:
Radio Romania Big Band featuring Pauliina May 2006

21.1. - 25.1.2007

Radio Romania Big Band featuring Pauliina May
Pauliina May is invited through EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
to perform in Bucharest as a soloist of the Radio Romania Big Band directed by George Natsis.

Together with the Big Band she will be performing the music of Finnish composer Jukka Linkola.
The concert will be broadcasted on the Euroradio satellite network Friday 26.1.2007. See info below. According to the press article of Euroradio, it has around 2.4 million listeners from throughout the world.

Last year Pauliina May performed with the Radio Romania Big Band an afro-cuban repertoire directed and arranged by conductor Jere Laukkanen.
See photos

"I feel very honored to be one of the invited guests of Societatea Romana de Radiodifuziune, part of the concert serie “Bucharest- city of music”.
It is my second time to stand as a vocalist in front of the great Big Band of Radio Romania.
Last time we played music from Afro-Cuban roots conducted and arranged by Jere Laukkanen.
I had an extremely enjoyable one week of rhythm and swing with the musicians of the Big band of Radio Romania.
This time I am proud to bring along music from Finland, written by a Finnish composer, Jukka Linkola.
I am looking forward to this interesting European crossover between Finland and Romania and thrillingly waiting to hear Finnish music played by the Big Band of Radio Romania. As composer Jukka Linkola says with his own words: “Music is not just a string of notes one after the other but moods and feelings, life in general.” (article of Jarmo Sermilä: Jukka Linkola in Profile) I will bring my own little world of moods and feelings with my voice and I am sure the powerful Big Band of Radio Romania will response to me with theirs!"

January, 11th, 2007
Pauliina May

Broadcasting: EBU-Website
EBU No: EURO/2006-2007/M3/006
Offering organization(s): ROROR
Date of concert: Friday 26/01/2007 - Recorded on 25 January 2007
Start of concert: 21:30 GMT
End of concert: 23:30 GMT
Broadcast by satellite the 26/01/2007 from 21:00 to 00:00 GMT Channel: R
Venue of concert: Mihail Jora Concert Hall, Romanian Radio, Bucharest


Pauliina May
Photo: David Rothchild

Sunday 27.8.
Pauliina May con Latin Feelin' in Emmen, NL:
Full Color Festival! 13.00-19.00

Saturday 19.8.
Pauliina May with A5+
Delft Jazzfestival
, Holland
Buiten podium: Beestenmarkt
Genre: West Coast Jazz & Latin
Alphonso F. Makovec - trompet/flügelhorn/bandleider
Wim Warman - toetsen
Emiel van de Heide - saxen
Maciej Domaradzki - contrabas
Jean-Clair de Ruwe - drums
Pauliina May - zang

Saturday 12.8.
Pauliina May as a guest-vocalist & choir of Soulstar (featuring Marcel Duprix) in Big Rivers Festival, Dordrecht, Holland.
( main act, Scheffersplein at 23.00)

AINA IN FINLAND, summer 2006:
The group is coming from Holland to Finland and will be performing in:

3.7. Aamu-TV
(Finnish Broadcasting Company,YLE 1)

4.7. New CD-release concert at Eino Leino House, Paltamo

6 .7. 15.30 Opening of a stone monument, Eino Leino Day, Kaukametsä yard , Kajaani

7.7. 19.00 Eino Leino Iltamat, Kaukametsän sali, Kajaani

More info:Kajaanin Runoviikko

Pauliina May
Photo: David Rothchild
Saturday 24.6.
Rainbow Music program in Jazzpodium DJS, Dordrecht
The Netherlands
Pauliina May con Latin Feelin' into Afro-Cuban Rhythms & Groove

Set Up:
Pauliina May, (Finland), lead vocals
Maite Hontele, (The Netherlands), trumpet
Thomas Böttcher, (Germany), piano
Mick Paauwe, (The Netherlands), bass
Gerardo Rosales, (Venezuela), timbales
Ferdinand van Duuren, (The Netherlands), congas


Pauliina starts her own vocal studio in the building of Opus Four Music Café, center of Gorinchem!

Vocalstudio Pauliina May in de serre van Opus Four Music Cafe!
Langendijk 82 Gorinchem. Ingang aan de Bornsteeg.

In Juni 2006 30min. proefles gratis!
Maak een afspraak:Bel: 06-28 960 985

More info: Here

Singers stage presence weekend-workshop! Your position, power and expression onstage. Interested?
Call for more info: -06-28 960 985

 Pauliina May Latin Feelin
Sunday 14.5.
Pauliina May & Latin Feelin'
in Opus Four Music Café
Langendijk 82, Gorinchem. Sunday afternoon with salsa dancing!

Download the poster, click the image.




Pauliina May is back in Holland, residence of a beautiful town, Gorinchem, home of several artists & historical culture!



Photos by Pauliina May

Gorinchem market on Mondays

Gorinchem brug

 Workshop Jarvenpaa Pauliina May

Pauliina May gives together with bass player Arja Paju Afro-Cuban workshop in Järvenpää Kristillinen opisto, FINLAND.



6.7. AINA in Kajaani Runo-viikko, Finland, Pauliina May brings her lyrical/folk group from Holland to Finland!

Performances & tour with brazilean music, UMA UMA 2005
Listen to live audioclips!
See videos!

Pauliina May, vocals:
Neff Irizarry, guit.
Rob Dominis, piano
Tuure Koski, bass
Juha Tanninen, drs, perc.

Pauliina May sings on Son Sabroson Entre Salsa y Son -CD, read praising critics


Finnish composer Heikki Sarmanto asked Pauliina May to record some of his compositions in Spanish. A Columbian lyricist Marco-Antonio Sanches was asked to make the lyrics, and some songs has been already recorded as a demo version. The orchestra is Finnish Tapiola Sinfonietta directed by Torrie Zito, arrangements by Torrie Zito.

1. Carrusel

2. Perdona si es tan tarde
3. Un Gorrion en Madrid

UMA UMA tour January 2005
Pauliina May, vocals:
Neff Irizarry, guit.
Rob Dominis, piano
Tuure Koski, bass
Juha Tanninen, drs, perc.


In spring 2002, Pauliina May met the Dutch composer and pianist Izak Boom in Holland.
Izak was looking for ideas to do something with different elements of world music. Pauliina May introduced him to the literature of Kalevala, to the poetry of Kanteletar and to the beloved Eino Leino. He was enthusiastically getting involved in the deep-rooted stories of Finnish literature and captured the feelings of the texts with his harmonical ideas from European, Middle-East and American folk styles, as well as Gypsy-Swing and Classical Impressionism.
Together Pauliina and Izak explored their skills and talents and this led to the formation of AINA.
Meet AINA:

11.1.2002 Pauliina May as solist of UMO Jazz Orchestra BB in Helsinki, Finland /Jumo Jazz Club Konsertti oli menestys, lue HS-kritiikki


Dubrovnik, Croatia
Photos of New Year's Celebration 2001-2002
30-31.12.2001 Pauliina May
with Saoco in Dubrovnik, Croatia!


Pauliina May graduated from Rotterdams Conservatory 11.12.2000
See videoclips

Pauliina May winsthe second price
of the Erasmus Jazz Price Competition. Read more.

Viking Line Cruising Helsinki-Stockholm Spring 2000

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