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Feel good with singing!
Improve your own qualities.
Singing is healing, enjoyable, and most wonderful!

...Do you want to know to control your voice better?

...Do you have problems with interpreting a song?

...Are you scared when jumping in the front of the audience?

...How to sing into a microphone?

...What to do on the stage?

...Would you like to try new styles and techniques?

...Pop?...Musicals?...jazz?...Brazilean?...Afro-Cuban?...Argentinean or Finnish Tango?...Classical?

NOW!: Welcome to sing!!!

It is time to find new melodies or bring old melodies alive again!
What about new colors within your own voice?
Staying with a healthy voice!
You are welcome to make an appointment and the melodies & techniques are yours!

SUPER AANBIEDING - Tijdelijk actie!

5 x 60min les + 1 gratis
200 €

Strippenkaart geldig: 3 maanden van de eerste afspraak

Pauliina May Vocal Studio
& Students of Pauliina May now in Facebook!

* In 2010, three of the students of Pauliina May were among the 40 remaining candidates in the Dutch national Popstars (SBS6).There were over 1000 inscribers.
Teus, Ashley(among 15) and Simone. Simone got to the finals and became second!

Teus Ashley Simone4
Teus Ashley Simone

* In the local RIDOLS -vocal competition 2010, the winner Rob and the third place, (Dennis) were taken by Pauliina's students.

Rob Dennis
Rob Dennis

Methods & Styles:

Pauliina May (Diploma in vocal teaching and performing) gives vocal training in singing techniques: a healthy voice without register changes, posture, breathing, resonance, ear-training, improvisation.
Pauliina is specialized in guiding singers on stage with interpretation and expression, both with voice and body language.
Her working languages are English, Spanish, Dutch and Finnish.
She works with versatile repertoires: from pop-music to musicals with Jazz and Latin-American music as her genre specialties. She also helps students to prepare for auditions.

Diploma & Experience:
Pauliina’s personal studies consists 5 years Jazz-training in Pop/Jazz Conservatory in Finland and 4,5 years studies with Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music and Jazz in Rotterdam Conservatory.
She graduated at 2000. As an artist she has been performing over 20 years.
Pauliina May has done a wide research as her thesis together with her vocal diploma from the Rotterdam’s Conservatory about stage presence and performing in light music. In this dissertation titled "A Singer Performs" she is concentrating on singers problems on the stage.

in the
heart of Gorinchem, The Netherlands:

Pauliina teaches in the heart of Gorinchem.
Fully equipped vocal studio with piano and audio installation.

Lessons schedule:
Mondays: No lessons
Tuesdays: 11.00-22.00
Wednesday: 11.00 -22.00
Thursdays: 11.00 - 22.00
Fridays: No lessons

Singing is healing, enjoyable and a wonderful experience!
Don't hesitate to call for an appointment! You are welcome!

Vocalstudio Pauliina May
in the heart of Gorinchem,
Gorinchem Binnenstad


Download a price list. (pdf)

Proefles: 30min € 15.00
60min € 30.00

Leave a message to:
06-28 960 985

Laat een bericht:
06-28 960 985

send an email

Important information:
What to bring to a lesson?:
To the first lesson: The music you would like to work with. Otherwise the repertoire will be tailored to the students needs during the lessons.
Next lessons:
1. Your copy of the piece(s) you’re working on
2. USB-stick are handy to get backgrounds directly with you
3. Music paper = notation paper (For writing down exersices, music theory)

Please inform Pauliina 24 hours before the lesson in case you are not able to attend your lesson. During the lessons Pauliina will have her phone switched off, but you can always sms or leave a message to her voicemail.
Cancellation from student must happen before 24 hours to the lesson. The planned lesson is changed to another possible schedule within that month.
Otherwise the lesson should be paid.

Should cancellation happen from Pauliina's side, she will find an alternative schedule for the lesson within that month, or the planned lesson is not to be paid.

Informatie in het Nederlands.

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Pauliina May Vocal pedagogue
Pauliina May
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